So, what does Mongolia look like anyways?

 Well let's start with the breath taking scenery.

 Gorgeous right?

What about the sights to be seen you ask?

How about the Ghengis Khan Monument?  
Impressive to say the least.

 This holy shrine to a Shaman is pretty neat looking.


But where do Mongolian's LIVE?

 If you said "yurt" you're wrong.  ( I thought so too.)  But these are just a tad different than a yurt and are called a Mongolian ger.

 Check out how they make the felt for one of these babies on another blog post with video.

Here is what the average ger might look like on the inside.  Simply lovely.

 Stay tuned for the duration of our trip to Mongolia!

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Melanie said...

Nice pictures. This is fun. I never would have studied Mongolia if it wasn't for you.

Milburns' said...

Thanks! I know! I find myself wanting to REALLY travel the globe! :-)))

Angelina said...

Thank you! I just learned about Mongolians, now! :D

Milburns' said...

You are very welcome!

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